Acts as Graph Object

ActiveRecord extension that maps models to Facebook Open Graph objects (by placing the relevant meta tags into your HTML).

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gem install acts_as_graph_object

Then just add the dependancy to your Gemfile.



# app/config/initializers/acts_as_graph_object.rb

ActsAsGraphObject.configure do |config|
  config.namespace = 'my-app'
  config.app_id = 12345
  config.admins = [1245, 6789]

Default URL Method

In order to use the built in @model.url method you need to set the following config option:

# app/config/environments/production.rb

routes.default_url_options[:host] = ''

Add acts_as_graph_object...

# app/models/movie.rb

class Movie < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_graph_object :custom => [:director, :writer, :cast]
  def cast

Outputting meta tags

Use the graph_object_tags_for(@movie) helper to output the resulting <meta> tags. You can use this in combination with content_for to push the results into your <head>:

# app/views/layouts/application.html.erb

  <%= yield :meta_tags %>
# app/views/movies/show.html.erb

<% content_for :meta_tags, graph_object_tags_for(@movie) %>

Overriding from view

If you want to override a value from the view (for example to use a url_for helper):

# app/views/movies/show.html.erb

<% content_for :meta_tags, graph_object_tags_for(@movie, :url => movie_url(@movie)) %>

Alternative attribute names (v0.0.7)

You can now use non-default names for the standard Open Graph properties and the Gem will attempt to pick these up. Here are the properties and their alternative names:

# standard object properties & alternative names

default_properties = {
  :title           => [:name, :label],
  :type            => [:kind, :group, :class],
  :image           => [:picture, :photo],
  :url             => [:permalink, :link],
  :description     => [:info, :details],
  :site_name       => [:site],
  :latitude        => [:lat],
  :longitude       => [:lng],
  :street_address  => [:address],
  :locality        => [:locale, :area],
  :region          => [:province, :territory],
  :postal_code     => [:post_code, :zip_code, :zip],
  :country_name    => [:country],
  :email           => [:email_address],
  :phone_number    => [:phone],
  :fax_number      => [:fax]